Salila is a yogini, tantrica & therapist from Sweden dedicated to the raw experience of life. Coming from a path of yoga and meditation living in india for several years she started her journey into healing and liberation through a tantric relationship . Being initiated by rituals, ceremonies and studies of tantric practices she received the gift of discovering new dimensions within this world.

Her education has the range from a batchelor in Neuro science from Karolinska Institute, 1000 hours of Medical Yoga, Conscious sensuality & tantra massage month intense in Hawaii, “Sex Magic” with Margot Anand & “Orgasmic Healing” with Sascha Cobra.

“Salila has the gift of looking at life both from a western science based perspective and through a holistic eastern approach- and she has access to a vocabulary that can meet almost anyone.”

The part of her education that she values the most, beyond working in the neroscience lab, is to be in a conscious tantric relationships. Shifting patterns into an expanded reality, moving from the personal to the universal. She is currently working full-time with tantric healing sessions with big a clientele in Copenhagen and US. She is organizing retreats and festivals Healing Arts (india) and Erotic Healing Arts Retreat (US). (See more info under upcoming events)